8 Fabulous Backpacks for Kids of the Modern Millennium

by DennisSylvesterHurd

Today’s kids are smart, tech-savvy and way more intelligent than before. They play with drones, beat opponents during Xbox gaming hours and know how to search the web on their tablet for an answer. Naturally they would want to make their everyday accessories look different too. This could be anything from stationery items to backpacks for kids. While the former revolves around cool pencil stands and sticky notes, the latter is not left far behind either. If you look closely, the backpacks for kids today are cooler than what they used to be like before. Here are some examples:

3D Cartoon Flat Backpack

For those who have a special inclination towards the cartoon world, here’s your chance to flaunt it off with this 3D Cartoon Flat Backpack. It’s stylish, gorgeous and most importantly durable for the fashion forward generation we have today.

Dabbawalla Bags Lunch Bag

Dabbawalla Bags Lunch bags are a fun, functional way to tote lunch and snacks for adventurers of all ages. Crafted from eco sponge, an innovative neoprene like fabric that has earned the Oak Tex 100 standard of safety in textiles.

Nintendo Controller Backpack

This large NES Backpack is the perfect accessory for retro gaming fans everywhere. The bag features an adjustable strap and the padded effect of the buttons gives the backpack a genuine controller look and feel.

Sprayground X Spongebob Sharkpants Backpack

He normally lives inside a pineapple under the sea but is now probably on a vacation by being on this Spray ground X SpongeBob Shark pants Backpack. The backpack has been designed entirely on this renowned cartoon character which is truly a favorite for those who have special liking for SpongeBob.

White – Black Backpack by Solid Gray

Give yourself a sci-fi like adventurous look by carrying your everyday necessities including laptops in this beautifully designed White – Black Backpack by Solid Gray. The lightweight hard shell on the outside comes in a variety of uneven contours which not only provides you enough room to store your valuables but also protects them from daily wear and tear.

The Spongebob Ninja Pants Backpack

Spray ground’s classic edginess in designing backpacks comes with SpongeBob’s childlike appearance through this SpongeBob Ninja Pants Backpack. It’s been inspired from Spray ground’s original “Ninja’s Got My Back” backpack series which features SpongeBob in a more ninja like way.

American Flag Backpack by American Apparel

Flaunt your patriotic side while going to school or college everyday with the American Flag Backpack by American Apparel on your back. It comes with a main compartment zipper closure and a front zipper pocket, the design of which resembles the American Flag print from every angle.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack by Sprayground

Enjoy the way you carry your everyday necessities this summer with the latest limited edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack by Spray ground. Featuring TMNTs wearing bright bandanas and showing a shining gold tooth, these backpacks are available as Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

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