Backpack your way to Freedom

by joshzam

“I like the city. I like the concrete. I like big company. I like becoming a CEO of my own organization and possessing a lot of responsibilities. At the same time, when I can go off with a backpack or off on a surfboard or even off on a run somewhere in the woods – that is exactly where I am genuinely pleased.” – Matthew McConaughey

Hollywood macho man and actor Matthew McConaughey summed up succinctly the inner most desires and aspirations for millions around the world, operating and living in massive cities and metropolises. For whole generations, backpacks are symbols of escape and the fantastic romance of travel, the discovery of faraway lands, and the revelation of the inner self.

Most of us have used backpacks in schools to lug around books, notebooks and stationery necessary to be very good students because the idea of lockers is not present in India, unlike in the west. Childhood anecdotes are replete with references to backpacks and the forbidden products smuggled inside them such as mobile phones etc. Sadly increasing up in urban India back then, most very good quality school backpacks have been imported from the Far East and relatives living overseas had been flooded with request for the very same.

But the variety of backpacks on offer has now diversified beyond college backpacks. Adventure seekers heading out for treks and mountain expeditions in India and overseas seek the ideal trekking backpack. Indulgent young parents are now presenting their toddlers and young youngsters with trendy and eye catching infant back packs. Corporate honchos now cocoon their laptops in desirable backpacks specially created for this purpose. These backpacks can also take the type of draw string bags with colorful styles such as crouching panthers and floral prints. They are obtainable in a variety of fabrics such as the durable polyester and in distinct sizes to cater to the growing market place of varying tastes and needs. Right from backpacks created locally to branded backpacks, the consumers are spoilt for option and costs. Just guarantee that your backpacks are not too heavy or you could end up with back discomfort and other overall health concerns.

From standard retailers, shoppers are now indulging in on the internet shopping for bags in India. Much more and far more men and women favor the notion of laptop backpacks on-line shopping rather than trudging to stores and dealing with site visitors problems. These net based stores carry branded backpacks and laptop backpacks manufactured by dominant organizations such as Hobie from USA and Swisswin from Switzerland. A pioneer in this segment is www.mybagsdirect.com. They combine best quality goods, with a wide selection and value-for-money prices as a result coming up tops. Their philosophy of staying focused on bags and bags only has ensured that they are leaders in this industry.

So, as the market place for laptop backpacks on the web shopping and other merchandise inches up in India, absolutely nothing can now come in between the demanding Indian consumer and designer backpacks sourced from prime notch organizations from across the world.

So great ahead and backpack your way to the remotest corners of this lovely planet.

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