Backpackers Guide To India

by Peter Adones www.peteradones.com

The Indian Sub-Continent is a well-known favorite with backpackers. Just a few of the reasons to go to India include: to feel a sense of independence; to experience different cultures; to meet new people; to enjoy yourself.

You can backpack around India for the half a year that most tourist visas allow, yet still feel as though you only took in a tiny part of the country and its cultures. In fact, India is big enough that you could pass a number of years in the country and still not see half of it. There are tropical beaches, there Hindu temples, Rajasthani palaces and forts, there are beautiful Himalayan valleys, breathtaking mountain views and holy cities.

Even though prices are rising and the tourism trade there is increasingly aimed towards the middle classes, it’s possible to find accommodation on the beach for around 100 Rupees a night (that’s about $ 2). It’s also possible to eat out in India for a couple of Dollars per day, particularly if you dine with the local people. However, food is more expensive in places that cater for foreigners and western food is nearly always more costly than Indian food.

India is used to backpackers and, though journeys can take longer than expected, it is easy enough to explore for even first time backpackers. It’s regarded as a safe country too, so long as you exercise some sense and show respect for the locals. The majority of backpackers there travel on a route that has been travelled by thousands and thousands of other travelers before them, and there are plenty of services geared especially towards the backpacker market.

Local travel agents are readily available on backpacker routes and can be used for arranging flights, visas and day trips. Sleeper trains and overnight buses are perfect for backpackers and offer a cheap way to cover moderate distances. Further distances can be overcome with domestic airlines, which are generally cheap, safe and can be booked on the day.

Travelling there is never boring and there’s always something to phone home about, especially if you leave the backpacker ghettos behind and explore India away from the most popular destinations.

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